GANÉ is an event-oriented value investor

We invest in winners. It means that we invest in strong companies with sustainable business models, solid balance sheets and high margins, which allows them to create added value for their shareholders. Moreover, we are guided by the Value philosophy, which is based on the specific analysis of companies' quality and fundamental data. Based on long-term considerations, quality and fundamental data will prevail, i.e. over a specific period of time, stock prices will reflect the intrinsic value of a company.

We keep risks low and invest only when our commitment is inspired by a positive event. This is what we call the combination of Value and Event. When positive events as well as co-occurring low risk are present, this condition offers the opportunity to discover mispricing and take advantage of this situation. In doing so, we regard the realisation period as an important factor influencing the rate of return. We attach great importance to the principle of capital preservation and to the highest possible margin of safety as the difference between intrinsic value and market price.